May 10th, 2010

Philosophically, we're all doomed!

I was watching a show this morning about the recently hung parliament and how they wish to improve this country with religious views on life and education. These people have power over our very lives and they think that every human being is born innocent and free of sin?! They still believe that the word 'criminal' is a justified way of labeling someone who purposefully, maybe even accidentally wishes to explore different curiosities.
This does not make the person bad or impure, if anything it makes them more so human. For example, murder is one of a humans most basic instincts.

Why do we still lock people in cages like animals? Where are the rehabilitation clinics replacing all of the prison systems? They should teach psychology in every school to kids from the youngest of ages. They need to be taught why they bully, how it's hurting someone, why it's hurting someone, etc...

If this show is called The Big Questions, why are they not talking about religion, the existence of life and world peace? Stop hiding behind the false idealism that's protecting you from the meaningless of existence and open your mind! You're all in denial! There is no magical being living above the clouds protecting your every move, you are completely and utterly alone! The sooner we all understand that, the sooner we can get on to solving the real questions!