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Is ignorance bliss

I hate you all, you selfish, emotional smokers.
You're all slowly killing yourselves with your mass stupidity and drug overdosing, I will laugh as you come crying to me when your lungs shrivel up, and your theories on God don't pan out.

This goes for all humans. Yes that's right, furries ARE included in the human category.

If anyone replies to this, it'll be Baccala or jockstrapsoup, who by the way are also unattractive chavs with low IQ's, but they know that, otherwise they'd be happy. Hence why they reply to my posts.
What I don't understand, is how I'm attractive, have a high IQ, a lot of money and absolutely everything I need, yet I've never been happy once in my life.
This is not an emotional post, this is an unemotional post. I have also never felt sad.

If you read this, you're a very selfish person. It means you take interest in others misery.
If you do not read this, you are way over-emotional and seeing the slightest upset, will trigger it in yourself. It also means you do not care about me, which is why I'm overreacting my thoughts, because the outcome will be the same as if I didn't post this.

Is ignorance bliss, or have I become so blinded by perfection, that I have evolved a sense of understanding, which lacks that of the rest of mankind?
Is my life a poem in which I use others to inspire my history?

If you have the intellect to understand this simple journal, then post a comment.
Don't be afraid that it will inspire me farther.
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