ςђคгlเє (crazycoon) wrote,

Please read this and tell me what you think

Imagine there is no such thing as free will, that would mean there was no random the fact that we rely only on our instincts.
This would mean we are a single material with no purpose or meaning, it would also mean our future has already happened.
The universe has obviously evolved enough to make this theory somewhat possible, which would mean that it's already experienced the future we cannot prevent.
Everything is circular in a way, it's the way the pattern of evolution has manifested it's self.
We create beings in mechanical form, the universe creates beings in organic form, if there were no free will then what makes humans different to evolution it's self? We would both be material, we would both cause effect in the exact same way.
So then, what makes humans different from existence it's self? Fourth dimensional thinking makes this difficult to comprehend, but if we're exactly the same as existence, we have no meaning, no purpose and our future has already happened, this means that everything is connected and has already happened, we just experience it as it's happening, as 'time' because that's how our dimension works.
It means that everything and nothing exists, we are alive and dead, we are a single being and can never be separate.
It also explains why we believe we have control over our actions towards other objects and beings, because they are us. We are effecting ourselves in ways that have already happened.
We are aware of the effect and so it feels like it separates us.
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